11 Beauty Tricks Making Your Eyes Appear Bigger


Considering eyes as the mirror of the soul, women of the whole world strive to make one want to look in this mirror for hours. There are thousands of makeup techniques, and beauties try at least a half of them to bewitch men with a mere flick of the eyelashes. Or just raise their self-esteem and show off before friends. Beauty trends are changing at cosmic speed, but huge naive eyes are always trendy. That is why you should write down these little secrets of how to make the look more expressive, and the eyes – bigger.

Beauties of previous epochs resorted to exotic methods of making their “mirror of the soul” seem bigger. Ranging from rich Egyptian eye lining to harmful drops of belladonna. We offer some other tricks that will help “increase” the eyes purely by using proven cosmetic products.

1. Accentuate the lower lash line with a white or body-colored pencil

make-eyes-bigger-3 make-eyes-bigger-2

A simple technique that works flawlessly and makes your look fresher.

2. Use white shades or very light pastel shades


They not only help to visually enlarge the eyes, but in general make the image softer and less aggressive.

3. More light!


This popular highlighter will not only create the illusion of a healthy “after-holidays skin.” Soft light reflections accentuate and make your eyes look bigger. Just apply a little highlighter on the cheekbones, the inner corners of the eyes and under the brows.

4. Say “No” to circles under the eyes!


Unfortunately, this is not mathematics, so the circumference of circles under the eyes does not increase the diameter of the eyes themselves. If you want to look more expressive and younger, use correctors with reflective particles.

5. Volume mascara


Remember that volume mascara is your ally in the fight for the doll look. For extreme effect, apply it in several layers. You may even try the image with false eyelashes.

6. Edie Sedgwick


Andy Warhol’s muse knew how to look to always be in the spotlight. Her typical makeup was the symbol of a whole era of the 1960s. Remember just one technique that supermodel Twiggy used: draw a few additional cilia on the lower lash line with small horizontal strokes. Just do not exceed the necessary amount of them.

7. Highlight the motionless eyelid with darker eyeshadows than your main color


This is the secret of a deep look effect, known to all makeup artists.

8. Thicker arrows


Arrow makeup contributes to expressiveness. A line that thickens to the middle (above the pupil) significantly increases the eye. This fact was well known to the divas of the 1960-1970s.

9. The blue shade


Yes! Shades of blue and deep blue visually make the whites of the eyes whiter. Accordingly, the eyes look larger. The main thing is not to pass the line that will transform this modern makeup into the typical look of the 1990s. And the following look is to avoid:


10. Avoid using mascara


It sounds strange, but it works. Avoid eye makeup at all. But do not forget about the perfect skin tone, perfectly shaped and tamed eyebrows and a bright (or dark) lipstick. The contrast will work, and “nude” eyes will draw people’s attention and appear bigger.

11. Dolly eyes lenses

make-eyes-bigger-20 The most desperate girls can try Dolly eyes lenses that are so popular among Asian women. They increase the diameter of the iris for a few millimeters, which instantly turns any girl into an anime character. It is better, however, to abstain from wearing this beauty every day.