12 Steps to Prevent Cellulite


The ads of many beauty products begin with the words like “say no to cellulite”. However, we know exactly what to do to avoid problems with cellulite!

  1. Drink water – at least eight glasses a day.
  2. What you need to say “no” to is smoking and alcohol. Yes, women who smoke get cellulite faster. Their hips and legs look worse than in non-smokers. Alcohol has a similar effect on female beauty.
  3. Normal sleep should take 8 hours per day. You cannot afford this? Okay, let it be about 7, but not less. Lack of sleep causes cellulite.
  4. Do you know what regional products are? It is something that grows in the area where you live. Exotic fruits and vegetables attract us, but they do not always have a good impact on the body. They can contribute to the development of cellulite. Therefore, the sixth step is eating regional foods.
  5. Salt is the enemy of the female body and a friend of cellulite.
  6. Saturated fats (solid at room temperature) are a poison for your beauty. They will clog the vascular walls and reinforce cellulite.
  7. Let your first association with Mc Donald’s be orange-peeled hips but not a smiling slim girl from the advertisement.
  8. Hot dogs, cheeseburgers, and hamburgers are deposited you know where.
  9. The beauty of the female body requires effort and pains. Eat less sugar and products that contain it.
  10. If you are a lover of coffee, you are in a group of cellulite risk. One cup of coffee a day is just enough to cheer up. Leave the rest of the coffee to those who are going to have cellulite hips.
  11. A healthy body is a beautiful body. Spend an hour a day outdoors. It will have a great impact on the well-being, productivity at work, mood … and the body, of course.
  12. Do you like seafood? Excellent. Eat a serving of fish or shrimps, squids and seaweed every day – they are “beauty products”. Don’t you like them? Well, it would be great if you could find at least some sea products that you enjoy.
  13. Eat seasonal fruits and vegetables – best 5 times a day. At least three. Snack with apples, tomatoes, plums etc. more often. Choose what you like and be beautiful!