5 Beauty Secrets of French Women


French women do not need fashionable lifting, Botox and liposuction because they have their own beauty secrets. The bestselling author of “French Women Don’t Get Fat” Mireille Guilliano reveals the most important of these secrets.

1. Style: attention to hair and hairstyle

The style reflects your attitude to your own appearance, so good shoes and a great haircut make you more healthy-looking and attractive. The first thing people notice is your hair, then the eyes, smile, and shoes. Shoes do not have to be expensive, but they must be comfortable. A hairstyle is chosen according to the type of the face, which changes with age – it is one of the main secrets of beauty. Over the years, the skin becomes less elastic, and an oval face can become round or square. In this case, it is necessary to change the hairstyle and not to be afraid of experiments.

2. Skin care: preserve and protect

Time cannot be turned back in the opposite direction, but you can slow its progress. It would be optional to resort to surgical methods to combat skin aging. Follow the simple and well-known rules:

  • stay in the sun less frequently,
  • do not smoke,
  • moisturize the skin, especially in cold weather,
  • get enough sleep,
  • eat well,
  • do not drink much alcohol,
  • go to bed after you completely get rid of makeup.

And you’ll notice at once the way it changes your face!

3. Exercises: just walking

Most French women whom the author of the best-selling books knows do not go to clubs and do not like training simulators. Though exercises are known to slow down aging, the necessary load can be obtained, for example, if you walk a lot. Frenchwomen just love this way of traveling. They walk at least 40 minutes a day.

4. Makeup: the smaller the better

Excess makeup makes us scarier and unattractive, especially with age. Of course, in the hands of a professional makeup artist cosmetics works wonders. But here’s the strange paradox: at a young age we could use whatever amount of makeup we wanted, but we did not need it. As we get mature, we want to use more makeup, but it no longer looks nice. So we should stick to the minimalist makeup.

5. Diet: learn to restrain yourself

Do not succumb to the illusion – we cannot continue to eat as much as we did in our youth. Mireille says that when she was over 40, she allowed herself to eat meat no more than twice a week, and after 50 she began to pay careful attention to the portion size. The portions decreased, and there appeared more vegetables on the plate. She learned to say “no” to desserts, though it was not easy. Frenchwomen’s diet is rich in omega-3 from fish, antioxidants from fruit and vegetables and monounsaturated fats from olive oil. Therefore, their life expectancy is among the highest.