5 Great Beauty Tricks for Women

What if your favorite mascara has dried up, and the rouge is almost over? And what if the lipstick has broken, spoiling the impression you wanted to leave with your makeup! It turns out that there are simple solutions to these “troubles”. We have picked the most practical life hacking ideas, which will help extend the life of your rouge, nail polish, and many more beauty tools.

1. If the foundation is running out

When the foundation is about to end, and you still have to wait for your salary for one more week, a moisturizing lotion for the face will help save the situation. It is necessary to add a small amount of the lotion into the bottle with the foundation.


Next, shake the bottle to mix the products well.


As a result, you will get a product that can be used until you buy a new foundation without using primer under the makeup.

2. The powder that seems to be new


This hack will be useful for those who frequently use compact powder. Over time, the surface of the powder forms a small, oily film that you can get rid of in a quite simple way – you just need to take the adhesive tape, attach it to the powder and then remove. After this, the powder will be good again as if it were new.

3. When the favorite eyeshadows are broken


Sometimes, when you are in a hurry, you can accidentally drop your favorite eyeshadow or powder on the floor, and then it may turn into dust. The situation is not pleasant, but it is quite reparable. To restore the original appearance of the shadows, you need to pour a little alcohol there to form a slurry mixture and then flatten it with a spoon and leave to dry.


Alcohol evaporates completely, and when the eyeshadow gets dry, you will be able to use it once again!


4. If the mascara gets dry


The standard shelf life of the eyelash mascara is 3 months, but it often happens that the mascara dries much earlier than the indicated period. This can happen in a month, or even several weeks after you start using it. To extend the life of your favorite mascara, it must be dipped in a glass of warm water in a sealed container, and if it does not work, you can add some saline drops to the product.


The trick with dipping can help restore dried nail polishes.

5. When your favorite lipstick is broken


The situation is unpleasant, and as it happens you may want to sit down and cry, but it is not worth doing it because there is a solution! To restore the brand new lipstick, you need to take a lighter, connect the two pieces of lipstick together and heat the breaking seam with flame.


When the lipstick gets slightly softened, the seam should be smoothed with a finger. You should keep the lipstick close to the fire, but for a short period of time.