5 Reasons for Dry Skin

Dry skin often causes itching and irritation, but fortunately, it is quite easy to treat. Here are five most likely reasons for the excessively dry skin.

What causes dry skin?

1. Cold Weather

Colder months and negative temperature affect the skin adversely outside our homes, while inside the skin is exposed to heat. Therefore it is very important to moisturize it. Do not forget about humidifiers in cold weather, and the skin will never get dry.

2. Excessive hygiene

If you wash hands and face too often, it may cause skin dryness. For example, the cause of dermatitis is both water and soap. If you frequently come in contact with any wet objects, it is better to use special rubber gloves to wet hands less frequently.

3. Age

Aging skin needs extra protection to avoid dryness. The cosmetic industry regularly launches special moisturizers for aging skin, enriched with certain ingredients. Some serum for the skin contains the substances which can cause rejuvenation through the effect on the damaged DNA and the removal of free radicals. They are increasing the production of collagen and elastin – both of these fibers are needed in order to make the skin look firm and elastic. Such serum is recommended after the age of 40 years.

4. The use of drugs

Some cosmetic and pharmaceutical products are very effective in the fight against acne, but they also dry the skin. Therefore, if you use these products, do not forget to use a moisturizer for the skin.

5. Other skin problems

It is quite possible to assume that the cause of dry skin is having other problems, such as eczema or psoriasis. One has to be checked by a dermatologist to rule out this probability. There are a number of therapies that allow coping with a variety of skin disorders. If only it were possible for the treatment of these disorders to be able to help eliminate dryness.