7 Weight Loss Myths


There are a lot of opinions on how to lose weight. Which of them can you believe?

1. If you lose weight quickly, you will just as quickly get overweight again

This is true. It is not useful when the weight increases and decreases rapidly. It is normal to lose 1-2 kilos each month. There is a useful tip: if you manage to lose even a little weight, do not try to go on losing weight, first try to keep it. Once you manage, keep losing weight.

2. A diet is better than exercises

This is a myth. Do you want to keep to a diet without being involved in physical activity or spending time in the gym? Do you treat yourself with fried potatoes and eclairs at the same time? Forget about your dream to lose weight.

3. The less you eat, the more you lose weight

No, it is not necessarily true. The advice is to observe some simple rules. You know approximately how much you can eat at a time? Put a portion on your plate and remove one third of it at once. If this dish is for dinner, remove a half of it.

4. Bread should be excluded

Not quite. According to nutritionists, a few slices of rye bread or wheat bread with bran a day will bring no harm to the figure.

5. Fresh fruit and vegetables are better than frozen

This is a myth. If the products are stored correctly and are not thawed when it is not necessary, they do not lose their properties. It is recommended to eat fresh fruit during the season, but in winter it is better to choose frozen fruit.

6. No fatty food

It is quite impossible to manage without it. Some vitamins, vitamin A in particular, are soluble in fat, and the lack of it can lead to vitamin deficiency.

7. Add spices to your dishes

It’s true. For example, ginger and coriander help normalize and accelerate metabolism. As a result, they help you lose weight. Curry suppresses appetite and slows the growth of fat cells.