Beauty Remedies with Lime


For many people, lime is just a fruit, which can replace lemon in cooking. In fact, there are several types of lime, and lime is a relative of both lemon and orange. Lime is used in cooking, in medicine, and in cosmetics.

  • The fruits of lime contain a lot of vitamin C, as well as organic acids, sugars, essential oils, micro and macro elements.
  • The use of lime in food reduces cholesterol in the blood and is effective for the prevention of atherosclerosis.
  • Lime has beneficial effects on the nervous system; it not only improves mood, but is able to heal depression.
  • Lime is especially useful in late autumn, winter, or in early spring, when it is necessary to cope with fatigue, sleepiness, depression, increased irritability and tearfulness.
  • Lime strengthens and makes the walls of capillaries elastic; it improves the process of hematopoiesis.
  • It maintains tooth health, protecting them from caries and removing plaque.
  • Lime has anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, antibacterial, healing and antimicrobial properties.
  • Lime juice significantly improves the immune system and helps the body adapt to adverse external factors.
  • Thanks to anti-cold properties of lime, the people who consume it remain healthy, cheerful and full of energy.
  • Even if a person is already ill, lime will help recover from colds and flu more easily.
  • Lime juice is used for sore throat; lime tea is helpful in case of fever.
  • Lime is used in cosmetics because it slows down the aging process, promotes the formation of collagen, making the skin supple and elastic.

There are lime masks that can be successfully applied at home.


A facial mask for oily skin

Take 1 teaspoon of lime juice mixed with 1 teaspoon of oat flakes crushed in a coffee grinder and 1 egg yolk, mix well and apply on the face. After 10 minutes, carefully rinse it with warm water and wash it with cool water. This mask eliminates greasiness and shine.

A whiteningfacial mask

Mix 1 teaspoon of lime juice with 2 teaspoons of honey and apply a thin layer on the skin. Wash it with warm water in 10-15 minutes.

A facial mask for dry skin

Mix 1 teaspoon of lime juice with 1 tablespoon of soft cottage cheese and 1 teaspoon of olive oil, stir well and apply the mixture on the face for 15 minutes. Wash it with warm water. This mask makes your skin soft and gives it a fresh new look due to accelerating the process of cell recovery.

An anti-wrinkle mask

Mix 1 teaspoon of lime juice with 1 dessert spoon of sour cream and apply it on the face for 15 minutes, then rinse with warm water and wipe the face with an ice cube or rinse with cool mineral water without gas.

For growth, splendor and shine of your hair

  • Mix lime juice with 100 ml of vodka. Put it in a dark place for 7 days.
  • Filter the mixture and rub a little of it into the scalp every day.

A mask that strengthens hair

  • Mix 1 tablespoon of lime juice with the juice of 1 onion, 2 tablespoons of aloe juice, and 1 tablespoon of burdock oil. Rub the mixture into the scalp one hour before washing hair.
  • Use a plastic cap to cover your hair and wrap your head with a towel.
  • Wash it off with shampoo.

The hair will become shiny, if you rinse it after each washing with warm water adding lime juice (1-2 tablespoons per 1 liter of water).