Botox Injections Make Women Less Attractive


Millions of people around the world undergo Botox injections to rejuvenate their skin, get rid of wrinkles and become more beautiful. However, the study shows that the drug does not increase people’s attractiveness.

The study conducted by the researchers from London and headed by cosmetic surgeon Dr. Michael Prager was published in the Journal of Clinical and Aesthetic Dermatology. It has shown that Botox injections do not contribute to attractiveness. A group of 150 volunteers were shown the pictures of 10 women before and after Botox injections. It turned out that after the injections these ladies became less attractive.

But cosmetic fillers that are put under the skin to recreate the volume lost with age visually rejuvenated the women and made them more attractive. Dr. Prager himself did not make the injections to maintain full independence of the results. He was not interested in blowing the reputation of Botox either.

Dr. Prager says they have learned to recognize people after using Botox by specific “frozen” faces. Meanwhile, muscle movements around the eyes are extremely important for the expression of human emotions. In most women, the line of eyebrows dropped, and the skin under the eyes became significantly saggy after Botox injections. Their webs of eye wrinkles might have been removed, but it did not make them more attractive. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to see significant progress in the attractiveness after Botox injections.