Cellulite Myths & Facts


Do you remember that the heroine of Anne Hathaway in The Devil Wears Prada, the art director of Runway magazine, called corn soup a curious choice and said corn led to the development of cellulite. There is a long chain of such myths that stand behind the word ‘cellulite’.

1. Cellulite is not a simple thing for women to deal with. One cannot prevent its occurrence, but can reduce the symptoms.

Fact. In medical environment this concept is called “lipodystrophy”; structural changes occur in the subcutaneous adipose tissue and lead to violations of the microcirculation and lymphatic drainage. These changes involve female sex hormones, thus the problem mostly concerns women.

2. If the process starts, you will have to stock up some sarongs for the beach season.

Fact. There are four stages of cellulite, and if you do not solve the problem, the symptoms will increase and deteriorate with age.

3. Certain forms of cellulite can be inherited with genes.

Myth. Cellulite is not inherited along with the apartment and the car. But … A genetic predisposition to more fat cells in the subcutaneous fat and slower metabolism is really inherited. With proper care, physical activity and proper nutrition, its manifestations can be corrected.

4. Cellulite only happens in plump people.

Myth. Skinny girls can develop cellulite, so think twice before eating a creamy cake or giving up sports. Cellulite can appear not only in obese people, but also in slim women, who neglect sports or do not use body care products.

5. If you want to get rid of cellulite, go in for sports.

Fact. Since cellulite begins with stagnation effects, any exercise will help improve the metabolism and the blood flow to the tissues. Regular cardio exercises give good results in the fight against cellulite. Choose the best training for yourself to suit your physical abilities. During the first and second stages of cellulite, myostimulation and massage will help. The third stage is treated by a combination of body wraps and massages.

6. There are effective anti-cellulite creams.

Fact. You should not rely on a magic cream to eliminate cellulite, but getting one is still worth it. Creams can only improve skin quality (moisture, turgor). For your better understanding, the depth of subcutaneous fat in an average woman’s thigh area is about 13 mm. No cream is able to penetrate this deep. However, with the help of massage movements, when the cream is applied, we improve microcirculation and lymphatic drainage, which gives a visible effect.

From a wide range of anti-cellulite products, choose the most active ones. The most effective products contain special active ingredients – caffeine, oil, algae. This structure stimulates blood circulation, improves nutrition and helps remove skin toxins. Such products are usually applied in courses, 10-12 procedures each. By the way, homemade coffee scrub is also useful.

7. Fillers fight cellulite

Myth. There is a widespread misbelief that fillers easily eliminate cellulite, as well as deep wrinkles, visually aligning skin relief. However, it is not so.

Filler injections have nothing to do with cellulite. For lipodystrophy correction, there is a mesotherapy method – when special therapeutic cocktails are injected once every 1-2 weeks, about ten procedures all in all.

8. Cosmetic treatments can reduce cellulite

Fact. To destroy cellulite, do not neglect professional treatments. Any mechanical or electrical influence on the skin problem area will affect subcutaneous fat, improve blood and lymph circulation, facilitate the digestion of fat, and remove toxins. It leads to skin alignment, reducing the manifestations of cellulite.

9. Cellulite is caused by lack of fluid

Myth. Extra body fluid can make cellulite even worse. Estrogen intercepts small doses of liquid and drags them into its depot. The depot is a cluster of estrogen, which is very noticeable on the belly, thighs, and buttocks; to a lesser extent – on the chest, arms and chin. When estrogen intercepts liquid, it is still clean, but it absorbs all the toxins on its way and finally turns into a dirty grayish mass. It will poison the body, disrupting metabolic processes. Therefore it is sufficient to drink 1.5-2 liters of water a day, without increasing its consumption. You should restrict or even eliminate salt from your diet. Food should be rich in fiber.

10. Cellulite threatens those who have a sweet tooth

Fact. Sweets and fast food lovers will not like it: their favorite food really exacerbates the problem of cellulite. All products with a high glycemic index (sweets, potatoes, and even fruits) in large doses are even harmful to your overall health, provoking the appearance of cellulite. The higher the content of carbohydrates in the product, the less useful it is.

11. Tight clothes and high heels cause cellulite

Fact. Loving bandage dresses or tight jeans? Review your wardrobe unless you don’t want your body to be affected by cellulite. Tight clothing and high heels impair metabolic processes in the body that may contribute to the appearance of cellulite.

12. Smoking causes cellulite

Fact. Smoking is a bad habit, which not only damages health, but also affects your looks. Teeth and skin turn yellow, and cellulite appears. Smoking causes a spasm of peripheral vessels and the microcirculation disturbance in the tissues. This is one of the factors contributing cellulite formation.

13. Cellulite affects women more than men

Fact. Experts call cellulite a female secondary sexual character. It is practically impossible to get rid of it completely. But there is good news: you can suspend the process of its development and preserve the beauty of forms. The first two cellulite stages (the dimpling can be detected only when pinched) can be successfully corrected. However, the woman will have to do a set of treatments (massage, mesotherapy, body wraps) on a regular basis throughout her life, so as not to let the process reach an irreversible stage.

To prevent the development of cellulite, have a healthy diet, do sports and, of course, see a cosmetologist.