Eat Green Veggies to Lose Weight


Doctors have found out that regular consumption of green leafy vegetables leads to weight loss, even with the no intense exercise. Greens affect mechanisms regulating appetite, experts say.

Greenery is usually used as an additional ingredient, a seasoning to dishes, eaten in small quantities. However, those who want to lose weight, are recommended (unless there are contraindications) to include greenery as part of their diet.

According to Menshealth, daily consumption of a veggie salad prevents the body from gaining extra pounds, even if the person is not involved in sports .

During a recent study, a group of participants, who were offered a salad of greens and vegetables high in folic acid, showed excellent effect of weight loss. These volunteers lost 8.5 times more weight than the group who did not eat green salad.

The slimming effect can be explained by the fact that leafy greens and vegetables contain a lot of folic acid and vitamin K, affecting the mechanisms of appetite regulation. In particular, these agents help the body to control the production of insulin, which is involved in processing glucose and increasing appetite. If you eat 200-250 grams of salad or leafy vegetables twice a day, you will be able to suppress excessive craving for food, which causes weight gain.

According to the researchers, the best vegetables that pacify the constant desire to eat something are those rich in folic acid and vitamin K, such as romaine lettuce, spinach, kale, radicchio, sorrel, and all kinds of leafy vegetables and greens.