Eye Color Change Surgery May Lead to Blindness


A student from London Shenise Farrell had long dreamed to change eye color from dark brown to light brown. When she managed to collect a certain amount of money, she began to look through the internet options. In her native UK, this surgery could not be carried out, but Shenise found that it could be done in Panama, in one of the local clinics, for 8,000 pounds.

Shenise’s family was horrified and begged the girl not to do this, but Shenise traveled to Central America to undergo the procedure, which required the installation of colored discs in her eyes, resembling contact lenses by type. However, upon arrival she learned that she could not get the desired light brown shade because the clinic had ran out of the implants of such color. The surgeon suggested that the patient had to choose blue eyes, and she agreed.

During the procedure of changing the eye color, Shenise screamed with pain, but the doctor told her to be silent “not to spoil everything.” The surgery itself lasted for 20 minutes, and after it Shenise began to see everything as if she were under water. But the doctor called this “vagueness” a typical consequence of the surgery. According to him, in some patients, the vision could be restored within two weeks.

By the time of her returning to London, Shenise’s vision had become much worse. At the Charing Cross Hospital, she could not read even the largest letters in the table. Eventually, she nearly became completely blind, and the doctors decided to remove the implants, although another surgery could lead to permanent blindness as the surgeons had to make incisions in the cornea.

The blindfolds were removed after a few days, but the vision returned to normal only after three months. Shenise now has dark brown eyes again, but she no longer cares about their color because the main thing is that she can see.