Foods Preventing Hair Loss


Hair loss is the most common beauty problem faced by both men and women. The study, conducted by the researchers at Harvard University, showed that an unbalanced diet served as the main factor of premature hair loss.

According to experts, the lack of protein in the diet or its improper absorption is the determining cause of hair loss in many people. According to the experts, one just has to prove that the hair loss problem consists precisely in the protein imbalance issue.

Hair becomes thin and brittle, and people often get cold and suffer from depression or chronic fatigue – this is how the lack of protein is manifested, the researchers say.

Representatives of Harvard University remind that protein includes essential nutrients for healthy and strong hair since it is also composed of protein compounds.

The doctors add that pregnant women, vegetarians and those who are engaged in heavy physical work need more protein to keep their hair healthy.
They suggest obtaining high quality protein from both animal and plant foods, such as meat, dairy products, beans, nuts, and cereals.