Home Remedies for White Teeth: Which Ones Do Work?


The Internet will provide you with tons of home remedies to get a Hollywood smile, but how can they be trusted? Dentists from the United Kingdom say what is true and what is false.


It is stated: You can blend raw strawberries and put them on a toothbrush to brush your teeth thoroughly. After two weeks, you will have a Hollywood smile.

A dentist’s opinion: strawberries contain citric acid, which weakens the hard surface of the tooth. But they also contain gentler malic acid, and the riper strawberries are, the better they are for the teeth. Malic acid can actually make your teeth whiter.


It is stated: You can mix a teaspoon of turmeric with a few drops of water and create a special paste, with which you will have to brush your teeth to whiten them.

A dentist’s opinion: It is a disastrous recipe. There is a rule: everything that can leave a stain on a white shirt can leave a stain on your teeth. All spices leave stains, but yellow stains are the worst of them. Turmeric will not give you a Hollywood smile; instead it can make the teeth more yellow!

Orange flesh

It is stated: White stripes between yellow slices and orange peel contain D-limonene, which removes stains from the tooth enamel. It is sufficient to use it for three weeks.

A dentist’s opinion: You must abstain from all fruit juices and drink them only through a straw. But this recommendation contradicts the common sense completely. Oranges contain citric acid, which destroys tooth enamel!

Banana peel

It is stated: High levels of potassium, magnesium, and manganese in bananas help to remove stains from the teeth. One just needs to rub the teeth with a banana peel on the inside for two minutes.

A dentist’s opinion: There will be no real deep cleaning of the tooth enamel because it is not the skin and it cannot be penetrated through the pores. But you can eat a banana before going to some important meeting – it will provide temporary brightness and freshness of your smile. A fresh carrot will also give you freshness.