Home Remedies for Headache

A headache can overtake you at any time – while on vacation at the seaside, at the height of the working day, at home, in the office or in a countryside cottage. Its attack is always sudden and without the declaration of war. Anyway, it is always very unpleasant. What will you do if there is no effective medicine at hand? You can try to cope with the attack using simple methods. Hopefully, they will help.

How to Prevent Kidney Stones?

Kidney stones are not a rare phenomenon. Most often, the treatment of kidney stones is performed without any surgery. However, the best treatment is prevention. How can you prevent the appearance of kidney stones?

15 Most Useful Home Remedies of All Times

Although the “money tree” does not really help make money and spilled salt will not necessarily lead to a quarrel, many signs actually “work”. Scientists have proved that not all popular beliefs are a fairy tale. It is worth following them at least to make your life more comfortable.

3 Home Remedies for Bruises

The human body is an amazing creation. It is capable of withstanding enormous loads and miracles of childbirth, but a simple bruise makes us frown painfully and feel the unhappiest creature on the planet. Luckily, it’s not that hard to cope with. These three proven methods will definitely soothe “the inhuman suffering” that a bruise causes.

7 Surprisingly Dangerous Things at Your Home

My house is my fortress. Probably everyone thinks so. Your house seems to be the most comfortable and safest place in the whole world. In fact, that’s true. However, to be truly on the safe side, it is not enough to have locks and an iron door. You also need cleanliness and order. After all, you are probably not even aware of these 8 things in the house that can quietly harm your health.

Leg Cramps: Reasons & Treatment

Almost every person has experienced cramps at least once in their life. Sudden involuntary muscle contractions are very painful and bring strong discomfort. This is especially frustrating at night, as sharp pain makes you wake up. This condition can last from a few seconds up to half an hour. After the spasm, you feel dull pain in the muscles for a long time.

How to Lose Weight While Staying in Bed?

Almost every woman is bothered by the eternal, almost Shakespearean question: what should I eat to lose weight? There is also a more modern version: what should I do to keep fit without making much effort? The British scientists have the answer: you need to sleep. Just do it properly – possibly under the supervision of a coach.

Detecting Cancer Cells Has Become Easier

Specialists from the University of Michigan proposed a new technique for illuminating the tumor during oncology operations. Greater accuracy of surgical intervention facilitates the work of physicians and increases the patient’s chances of recovery.

5 Horrible Things Smoking Companies Do

Tobacco companies and people associated with their business are responsible for the death of six million people a year. In fact, this is equivalent to the number of Jewish people killed during the Holocaust. In a year! It would seem that everyone should know how dangerous their products are. But tobacco companies are constantly coming up with new tactics to further increase the number of sales.

How to Perform a Medical Examination at Home?

Modern technologies sometimes work miracles. A medical examination can now be done at home, even without any medical education. Everything you need is a new set for medical diagnostics at home. The main thing to remember is that this device is just a way to detect poor health. For the purpose of diagnosing and prescribing treatment one should consult a doctor.