How to Hack Your Mental Health

When it comes to your mental health, there are a lot of strategies that are employed in order to make mental health problems easier to deal with. No matter if you suffer from depression, ADHD, anxiety or just want to improve your mental health, there are definitely strategies out there. Let’s take a look at some of the best hacks for dealing with mental health issues and improving your life.

Xiao Yi Medical Doctor Robot from China

This news may upset the people who have chosen a medical job. In China, a robot has successfully passed the state exam for a doctor’s license for the first time ever. Soon, it will receive the official document, which will enable Xiao Yi to begin medical practice in March 2018.

Is Sauna Healthy or Harmful for Women’s Health?

Any gynecologist is most likely to forbid you going to sauna or hammam under any pretext. Is there a real reason for this or is this purely a prejudice, like the one connected with black cats? Let’s figure out.

How to Prevent a Hangover?

There’s no earthly reason why you shouldn’t have gone to that party. So you did. It was great, just as you had expected, but there were good drinks, and you had one too many (or two). We heard that a quarter of all people have the magnificent ability to be immune to morning-after, but somehow there are no such people in our company. Unfortunately, we know that the hangover is sure to strike. Can we do something to alleviate it or even prevent it from coming? Yes, we can.

Low Testosterone Levels in Men: Symptoms & Treatment

Every man can hit this sorry time when his sex glands begin to produce fewer sex hormones. It is the situation known as hypogonadism, gonad deficiency or low serum testosterone which can affect mature men, especially those who are past their 40th birthday. Testosterone deficiency develops in more than 8% of men between 50 and 80 and the percentage is noticeably higher with those afflicted by type 2 diabetes.

Iron Deficiency in Women: Causes, Symptoms & Treatment

Fe, Ferrum… It is a vital element in the periodic table, but, unfortunately, it is not synthesized in the human body. Iron is used for hematopoiesis (the bone marrow synthesizes about 170 billion red blood cells, erythrocytes, for which it needs iron), and oxygen transfer from the lungs to the tissues, organs, and cells (iron is used for the synthesis of hemoglobin – blood elements, which carry oxygen molecules).
What functions of our body are associated with iron?

Perfect drug for treating cavities and building up teeth

Scientists have discovered a new application for a drug for Alzheimer’s disease – in the sphere of dentistry, where it seems to be able to work wonders!

There’s No Healthy Food at All

The Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel has conducted an unusual study, which we are going to tell you about.

HGH Functions in the Human Body

Human Growth Hormone (HGH) continues to stir up the interest that is perfectly justified by its potential – and though the controversy and certain reticence on the part of some medical authorities over hgh-related products are (quite understandably) still being widely considered by all concerned, the general public is legally free to make good use of its benefits as prescribed by the family doctor. So, while researchers are busy clearing up the finer points of pros and cons, we could do worse than run an eye over products list in order to give our body that extra bit of care it enjoys so much – and, incidentally, give our health and appearance a little boost against the cold season.

The Many Forms Of CBD Oil And Why You Might Want It

Have you heard a little bit about CBD oil? Many people have since it is being talked about all over the internet and even in some news reports. However, there are a lot of people that still do not have a full understanding of all of the ways in which the CBD products can be used. Yes, CBD comes in a few different forms which ensures that more people are able to be helped for a much bigger variety of issues.