10 Foods Making You Even Hungrier


In fact, the main purpose of food is ridding you of hunger, but there are certain foods and drinks, after which use we want to eat and drink even more. They lead to overeating, which contributes to weight gain and obesity, so the content of these foods in the diet should be reduced.


Why not enjoy a glass of wine at the end of a long day? But be careful, alcohol consumption is associated with the increased appetite because only three servings of alcohol reduce the level of leptin – a hormone created to control hunger.


Monosodium glutamate is found in a variety of processed foods, this is flavor enhancer. Very often, you can see it in all sorts of canned foods, vegetables, sausages and Chinese cuisine. Spanish researchers found that after the use of the substance a person’s appetite is increased by 40%.


The manufacturing of most desserts presupposes the use of wheat flour, which results from special processing of grain that deprives it of fibers. As a result, these products increase the level of insulin, resulting in increased hunger and overeating.

Fried potatoes

Potato starch is composed of simple carbohydrates, which means that our body absorbs and metabolizes it very quickly due to the small size of the molecules. Consequently, this also leads to a burst of insulin.


Typically, a pizza is a combination of a base made from wheat flour, hydrogenated vegetable fats, processed cheeses and preservatives. All these ingredients contribute to an increase in blood sugar levels.

White bread

Just as desserts, white bread is made from flour, which leads to an increase in blood insulin level. This is the food with a high glycemic index. It is digested very quickly, which is why hunger occurs soon enough after eating.


During the process of manufacturing juice all fibers are removed from fruits and vegetables, so we only get a drink containing sugar. Meanwhile, it is the fiber that gives a sweet feeling of fullness, which prevents us from overeating.

Baby cereal

Like all other cereals, baby cereals are high in sugar. Children’s favourite breakfasts cause sharp rises and reductions in the level of sugar in the blood.

Artificial sweeteners

Every time you drink a diet soda, tea or coffee with artificial sweeteners, your brain prepares the body for consuming sugar. But this does not happen, and then the body expects to replenish the lost energy due to other products, which provokes the feeling of hunger.