10 Things You Should Never Do in the Sun

700-sun-heat-summerNo living creature can survive without the sun. If all of a sudden it disappeared, the world would perish. But the sun is not as good as we think. It can cause just as much harm as benefit.

This is what you should never do in the sun:

1. Squeeze lemon or lime juice

If lemon juice gets on the skin, the sun can cause a chemical reaction, which will result in a rash that is called phytophotodermatitis. At best, it will lead to just the appearance of dark spots, which will disappear from the skin after a few months. At worst, it may cause a serious burn.

2. Apply sunscreens

All sunscreens should be applied 15-30 minutes before going outside. This time is needed for them to be able to absorb into the skin and start protecting it.

3. Use a sunscreen with a SPF of less than 30

Products with lower rates also work, but they are not so good and will not last long. Applying sunscreens in the summer must become an obligatory procedure. However, not only in summer. Even if the sun does not blind the eyes, it can cause skin cancer and age your skin even through a window.

4. Leave the sunscreen in the sun

High temperature destroys chemical compounds, making the sunscreen less effective.

5. Forget about re-applying the sunscreen

Usually one should re-apply the sunscreen on the beach every 2 hours.

6. Rely on the SPF in cosmetics

Dermatologists say that one will need about 30 grams of a sunscreen to fully protect the body. But if you recalculate the protection ability of a conventional makeup base in comparison to a sunscreen, the number will increase by several times. You would have to apply a thick layer of plaster on the face then!

7. Use tools with anti-acne and anti-aging ingredients

The cosmetic products, which contain anti-acne and anti-aging ingredients such as glycolic or salicylic acid, Retin-A, tretinoin, and retinol, are too sensitive to the sun. You may get burns, which will look much worse than the skin problems that you tried to eliminate.

8. Be engaged in sports in the heat

The body itself does not tolerate heat well, so jogging and other physical activities will cause extra strain when your body is trying to regulate its temperature. Besides, dehydration will come faster.

9. Stay outdoors without sunglasses

The development of cataracts and cancer can take years, but each appearance outdoors without glasses increases the risk. Moreover, the sun rays can cause burns of the eyeball that may even lead to the loss of vision.

10. Fail to cover the head from the sun

In the heat, it is very easy to get a heat stroke. Its symptoms are difficult to confuse with anything else. Besides, you should think about the health of the hair. Unfortunately, our hair does not have any natural protection against ultraviolet radiation. Under the influence of sunlight, amino acids begin to break down, and they are an important part of keratin, which is essential to maintain the elasticity and strength of hair. As a result, the hair loses its color, becomes dull, dry and brittle. Wear a hat and use a spray to protect your hair from the sun.