10 Ways to Avoid Cold & Flu


Winter is becoming more and more “Winterlike”: cold, windy and wet. In other words, it is a perfect environment for flu, infections and other unpleasant things. Hardly anyone of us wants to be running a temperature and staying at home, albeit on a paid sick leave. That’s why it’s time to remember the 10 basic rules that will help you remain healthy in the chilly off-season.

Rule 1: vaccination


True, vaccination has become the subject of much controversy and speculation. However, doctors keep reminding you that vaccination against seasonal flu strains will help you stay healthy, protect the body from the virus and its negative consequences. Most importantly, ask your doctor about contraindications.

Rule 2: wash your hands more often


The golden rule that we all were taught in childhood is more relevant than ever in the off-season. The first thing that any pediatrician or physician will say: be sure to wash your hands before eating and as soon as you return from the outside. The die-hard bacteria can linger on the doorknobs and handrails of the subway quite comfortably, waiting to meet their new owner. Do not take chances.

Rule 3: Echinacea is your seasonal ally


Echinacea is an effective and affordable immune system stimulator. And, what is especially comfortable, it is sold as tasty tea. One cup every morning will significantly improve the defenses of the entire body. Just make sure you are not allergic to this useful plant.

Rule 4: don’t eat at your desk!


Even if you have to finish a project urgently or you cannot wait to watch a new episode of your favorite show during lunch. You have no idea how many potentially dangerous bacteria live on your workplace. So you’d better go to the kitchen or even eat out.

Rule 5: move more


Speaking of walks. It has long been proved that moderate exercise increases the body’s endurance and its ability to resist virus attacks. No one demands that you should go and buy gym membership or start jogging in the morning. However, a walk home after work or even a new (and a bit odd) habit of visiting a restroom on another floor of your office building will increase your chances of staying healthy in the slushy off-season.

Rule 6: sanitizer

A liquid alcohol-based antiseptic should become your best friend for the coming months. Fortunately, you can buy it at any supermarket or pharmacy. Do not be lazy to disinfect your hands as often as possible, especially after returning from the outside and before meals. Use a nourishing hand cream before bed to help the skin cope with the abundance of alcohol.

Rule 7: close the doors


The simplest preventive measure is to close the door to the office or your room. This way, you will not only avoid drafts, but also the sneezing and coughing “passers-by”.

Rule 8: vitamins and zinc


Everyone knows about vitamin complexes, and their abundance and diversity is really astounding. Look for those that contain zinc. This element will increase the body’s resistance to viruses and speed up the recovery, if you are already infected.

Rule 9: rinse your nose


Your nose is your natural filter against airborne infections. Help it cope with threats, rinsing it with a sea salt solution. Especially when you experience the first symptoms of a cold.

Rule 10: stay at home


Not all the time, of course (as we would sometimes wish). However, any doctor will say: when you are ill, you need to stay in bed. You must not stay on the move being ill with SARS or flu. However important and threatening the deadlines would be, health is more important. Keep this in mind.