14 Ways to Fall Asleep Quickly


If you have trouble falling asleep, do not rush for the sleeping pills, try some home remedies.

  1. To soothe yourself and fall asleep fast, it is recommended to eat baked potatoes or steamed rice for dinner.
  2. Amino acid and calcium contained in scalded milk have a sedative effect, so this drink is useful in the evening.
  3. Eating meat before bedtime is not a good idea, but dietary turkey meat is an exception, if eaten separately from other foods.
  4. Oatmeal with milk and honey gives a stunning sedative effect.
  5. Half a banana or kiwi fruit eaten before bedtime guarantees a sound sleep. Not only foods but also drinks have a sedative effect.
  6. Chamomile broth with honey will eliminate disturbing thoughts.
  7. Hawthorn infusion (20 g of hawthorn per a glass of water) can be added to the usual diet and taken before a meal. The berries themselves can be added to the tea.
  8. You can replace the tea with oregano and brew it.
  9. Mint tea not only improves sleep, but also has an antispasmodic and vasodilatory effect. Organic acids contained in it improve overall health.
  10. You can have a good sleep if you constantly drink celery infusion.
  11. To forget all the troubles, you need to relax with the help of special baths. It is recommended to take honey baths 3 times per week (dissolve 60 grams of honey in warm water).
  12. If you take a bath with a pine extract before going to bed, you will have a sound sleep.
  13. A few drops of lavender oil will help to forget about all the worries.
  14. A decoction of motherwort, valerian and chamomile added to the bath will provide a healthy and long sleep.