15 Cancer Symptoms Men Should not Ignore


Get a bit of attention to yourself or your close men’s health! Learn about the typical symptoms of a variety of malignant tumors in the body. Early diagnosis is a true ally in the fight against cancer.

Cancer is a major cause of death in the world – in 2012 alone, there were 8.2 million cancer deaths, according to the World Health Organization

Whatever the reasons for the development of malignant tumors in the human body, it is important to diagnose the disease at its early stages. In this article, we focus on the basic symptoms that may be indicative of the occurrence of cancers in men.

Problems with urination

Over the years, many men experience certain problems with urination:

  • the desire to urinate frequently, especially at night;
  • leakage, incontinence, an urgent need to pee;
  • a difficult start of urination and weak urine pressure.

Generally, these symptoms are caused by an enlarged prostate. But you cannot at once rule out prostate cancer.

Consult your doctor to clarify the reasons for the inconvenience. You will need to go through an unpleasant, but very necessary process of digital rectal examination and a blood test for the PSA (prostate specific antigen) level.

Changes in the testicles


If you notice a lump, a seal or any other change in your testicles, never postpone a visit to the doctor. Unlike prostate cancer that expands fairly slowly, testicular cancer develops much faster. Undergo a medical examination and a blood test and have an ultrasound examination of the scrotum.

Blood in the urine and feces

It is not necessary to be a scientist to understand the abnormality of the situation. The discharge of blood, related to defecation and urination, can be one of the first signs of urinary bladder, kidney or colon cancer. Even if you do not have other complaints, seek help at the clinic. It is important to find the cause, even if it is hemorrhoids or any infection.

Skin changes

Have you noticed changes in size, shape or color of a mole (or other spots on the skin)? See your doctor as soon as you can. Dark or red pigmentation is the main symptom of skin cancer.

Visit a dermatologist or oncologist. You may have to undergo a biopsy – a diagnostic procedure, which presupposes taking a small piece of tissue for examination.

Changes in the lymph nodes

Lymph nodes are small bean-shaped formations, which can be felt in some parts of the human body. For example, in the neck and armpits. Their growth often signals an increased performance of the immune system. As a rule, they show a struggle of the immune system with a sore throat or a cold. But some types of cancer may also cause swollen lymph nodes. Consult your doctor for help if any swelling you have noticed does not decrease within three weeks.

Swallowing problems

Most people occasionally suffer from dysphagia – the swallowing act disorders. If the problem is regular, if you lose weight or experience a need to vomit, it is worth checking your throat and stomach for the presence of cancers. During the examination, the patient swallows the liquid with barium. This chemical element glows under the influence of X-rays.


A change of diet, taking alcohol, or getting into a stressful situation can cause the feeling of heartburn. It is necessary to take medication and correct the eating habits. If the selected remedies do not help and the heartburn remains or gets aggravated, it is necessary to seek professional help. This may be a sign of throat or stomach cancer.

Changes in the oral cavity

The risk of malignant tumors in the mouth area is substantially increased, if you smoke or chew tobacco. Watch for the appearance of white or red spots in the mouth or on the lips.

If you have any suspicions, first consult a dentist.

Weight loss

man-sad-photo-sunset-depression-cryDo you need suspenders for your pants without any explainable reason? This can be explained if you go in for sports, have switched to a heavy physical work, improved the quality of your food or feel nervous for some time. Otherwise you should be alerted. “Random” weight loss can indirectly indicate a wide range of health problems, including pancreatic, lung and stomach cancer. Only a detailed survey will tell an accurate diagnosis.

Temperature increase

Fever means the body’s fight against infection. But a continuing increase in temperature without any reason may indicate a disease of leukemia and other forms of blood cancer.

Changes in the breast

Only 1% of the total number of breast cancer cases occurs in men, but you should not ignore the appearance of seals in the breast. Do not run the risk and undergo to the survey immediately.


Cancers cause deep chronic fatigue that you cannot get rid of even after a month’s refuge from the noise of the city in some warm place. You know how to deal with the energy depletion, caused by day-cares, anxiety at work or continuing holidays. If you are powerless to combat fatigue for a long time, you should consult a doctor and find the reason for the loss of power.



Suppose a non-smoker coughs within a month. If the cough does not subside, you are short of breath or release droplets of blood while coughing, you must immediately consult a doctor. This is especially important for passive smokers. Lung cancer is extremely dangerous.

At the clinic you will test a sample of mucus from your lungs and undergo a chest X-ray.


As a rule, cancers are not accompanied by pain. However, the pain that does not stop for a month may indicate the development of a variety of malignant tumors. Especially in those cases when cancer has begun to spread in the body.

Depression and pain in the abdomen

In rare cases, depression accompanied by abdominal pain may be a symptom of pancreatic cancer. Should you be concerned? Probably not, if your family has not had such a disease.