3 Home Remedies for Bruises

The human body is an amazing creation. It is capable of withstanding enormous loads and miracles of childbirth, but a simple bruise makes us frown painfully and feel the unhappiest creature on the planet. Luckily, it’s not that hard to cope with. These three proven methods will definitely soothe “the inhuman suffering” that a bruise causes.

Have you suddenly run into a table, treacherously hidden in a dark room? Have you missed the turn in your own bedroom? After the unplanned uttering of the worst swear words from your stock, exhale and recollect one of the ways to deal with bruises. The most effective, in our opinion, are the following three tips.

Remedy #1: ice

Traumatologists claim that a cold compress is the most effective way of treating injuries. It will freeze pain in the damaged tissues and will significantly reduce the size of the future hematoma at the same time. Go to the kitchen for a bag of frozen vegetables or other supplies from the freezer. For this remedy to work effectively, apply a cold compress to the damaged area every hour, but no longer than for 15 minutes. Excessive frostbite can aggravate the situation.

Remedy #2: higher that the heart

To make the bruise smaller (or even avoid its appearance at all), after the injury try to place the affected part of the body higher than the level of the heart. In such a way you will reduce the flow of blood to the problem area and thus avoid the growth of the hematoma. For example, if you hurt a foot, lie on the couch and put it on several pillows.

Remedy #3: vinegar

People say this remedy is truly effective. Mix vinegar with warm water and wipe the damaged skin area. Vinegar will increase the flow of blood in the surface layer of the skin and will help to somewhat reduce the stagnation of blood in the place of injury. Besides, the bruise will not be so dark blue.