3 Tips on How to Control Your Appetite


Uncontrollable appetite leads to overeating, which doctors believe to be the main factor of weight gain and obesity. Doctors have told how to deal with the problem of constant feeling of hunger, which makes us eat more than we need.

Sleep Deprivation

According to the experts, one of the most vital factors that contribute to the abnormal appetite is a chronic lack of sleep, due to which the body produces insufficient leptin hormone. Leptin is a controller of appetite. The less leptin the body contains, the stronger the craving for sugary and starchy foods is. If you do not have normal sleep, it will lead to a weight gain of 700-900 grams per year.

Vitamin B Deficiency

Inadequate appetite may also be due to the lack of group B vitamins. In this case, we always want dishes baked from flour. The level of vitamin B can be restored with the help of pears, beets, onions, cucumbers, carrots, plums, tomatoes, and cabbage.

Low-Carb Diets

Medical experts warn that the carbohydrate-free diet, to which many people resort to lose weight quickly, is the wrong choice. The restriction in carbohydrates leads to the opposite effect and significantly increases the desire to eat something. The fact is that the brain controls appetite with the help of serotonin, which is produced less actively if one restricts the use of carbohydrates.

Vegetables, fruits and cereals contain carbohydrates, which would be sufficient to control the appetite, so it is impossible to exclude them from the diet.