4 Common Mistakes When Buying Multivitamins


Every year thousands of people become regular buyers of multivitamins and mineral supplements because they believe that taking these drugs will help them improve their health and protect against a number of diseases. If you are among fans of multivitamins, try to avoid committing four most common mistakes when buying them.

All multivitamins are the same

In fact, multivitamins and mineral supplements are created for a variety of people. There are minimal doses for those who do not want to take plenty of pills. There are highly effective supplements for people with specific needs, there are supplements for pregnant women, which contain a lot of iron, and there are minerals that should be avoided by the majority of women and men. So before you buy any medications, you should carefully read their description.

Inattention to the ingredients

Some of the most popular multivitamins contain many specific ingredients, including artificial colorants, and many other substances, the names of which are difficult to pronounce. The consumers who are deeply concerned about their health may not like them.

Stick to the recommended doses

One of the most popular misconceptions associated with taking multivitamins and food supplements is that people need to be guided by allegedly recommended daily doses. Usually they are written on the packaging with products and supplements. Some people believe that these daily doses cannot be exceeded in any case, whereas in fact they show a minimal (!) required amount of nutrients that a person needs each day, and not the maximum one.

Great expectations

The biggest support to your health and the most effective disease prevention is a diet with all the nutrients. Multivitamins do not help you if you eat solely fast food, some sweets, flour products and processed meats. In this case, no matter how many pills you swallow, they will not give additional protection against cancer or dementia, as the studies show. However, correctly selected vitamins can be very effective in a well-balanced diet.