5 Diabetes Symptoms


Doctors sound the alarm due to the rising incidence of diabetes statistics. A group of scientists have decided to distinguish basic pre-diabetic symptoms that allow treating a dangerous disease on its early development stage and take the healing measures in time.

1. Drowsiness

According to doctors, one of the first signals, characteristic of diabetes, is hypersomnia and lethargy after meals. Such a reaction of the body is an indication that it is too loaded with carbohydrates. This is especially bad if a person is interested in food, stuffed with so-called “fast” carbohydrates coming from sugar or white wheat flour. If after dinner you are overpowered by an intolerable desire to sleep, you need to reduce the number of products with “fast” carbohydrates. Instead, eat foods with “slow” and more complex carbohydrates – whole grains, vegetables, and fresh fruit. It is also useful to have a little physical activity after eating – for example, just walk for 15 minutes.

2. Being Hungry for Carbs

Another formidable symptom is carbohydrate craving – strong craving for foods with simple carbohydrates. If you are constantly drawn to sweet and baked dishes, it means your pancreas is not working properly: it produces large amounts of insulin, causing blood sugar levels to decrease rather than be stable. Quick removal of sugar from the diet is dangerous in such a situation, but there is a way out – eat nuts, carrots, bananas instead of sweets with refined sugar.

3. Not Losing Weight

Overweight, which does not decrease even after the reduction of caloric intake, can also point to the occurrence of diabetes. This is a sign that body cells experience abnormal “hunger” and prepare the body to save fat reserves.

One can overcome this issue by being patient. It is necessary to forget about losing weight quickly; instead, lose weight gradually (even if it takes a long time) and simultaneously increase physical activity.

4. High Blood Pressure & Cholesterol Levels

In case of obesity, high blood pressure is a faithful companion of diabetes. Blood becomes more viscous, so it flows in the body with more difficulty, and the cells do not get enough of the desired amount of carbohydrates. In this case, it is necessary to reduce the level of cholesterol in the blood and lose excess weight.

5. Beer Belly

“Beer” belly that indicates the concentration of fat in the abdominal area exacerbates the tendency to diabetes. Belly fat increases blood pressure and the risk of cardiovascular pathology. In case of generally high cholesterol level, belly fat increases people’s chances of getting diabetes considerably.