5 Erectile Dysfunction Causes


Not only one stress or being bored with the partner may cause the development of erectile dysfunction. Sex experts named other options that few people know about.

Heart pills and other medications

Carefully check the list of side effects of the medicines that you take. It is possible that erectile dysfunction is one of them. For example, beta-blockers often affect the part of the nervous system that is responsible for erection, and antidepressants not only reduce sexual desire, but also lead to vaginal dryness in women and erectile dysfunction in men.


If you need extra motivation to lose weight, we have some: statistics show that men with excess weight and obesity have a 30-90% increased risk of erectile dysfunction.

Glass of wine at dinner

If you drink before sex, the body will need additional blood supply to the intestine for digestion, and, as a result, less blood will be supplied to the genitals.

Low testosterone

This male hormone is responsible for sexual desire and erection. Its level decreases with age, and at 75 it is half lower than at 20. However, the decrease rate is individual, so if you have erectile problems, it is better to measure hormone levels.


Smokers are almost twice as likely to suffer erectile dysfunction as non-smokers after 30 and 40. The acrolein contained in cigarettes does not allow the “good” cholesterol to clean arteries from plaques, which make them narrow. This also applies to the small arteries of the penis.