5 Foods Causing Cancer


Human health depends on the food that we consume. Here are 5 of the foods, which often cause cancer.

1. Highly processed flour products

After the intensive processing of wheat, flour not only loses almost all of its beneficial properties, but is also exposed to a chemical substance called chlorine gas, which can perform the bleaching function. This gas is considered to be dangerous and even fatal. Furthermore, flour products have high glycemic index which increases the blood sugar level. They not only make us fat, but also cause cancer.

2. Alcohol

Regular consumption of excessive amounts of alcohol causes a variety of health problems, including diabetes, obesity, and many types of cancer. Recently, the researchers have found that postmenopausal women, who drink just one serving of alcohol per day, are 30% more likely to experience breast cancer compared with those who do not drink at all. Alcohol is the second leading cause of cancer after cigarettes.

3. Red meat

A small amount of red meat in the diet is acceptable, but an excess of it may cause the development of bowel cancer.

4. Potato chips

This product is popular among a large number of children and adults; it is saturated with fats and calories, which cause weight gain. One should also mention the trans fats and high salt content to get the perfect recipe for heart disease and cancer.

5. Hydrogenated fat

These are vegetable fats, which should be chemically removed from their sources. Harmfulness of these oils is proved by many studies; they also cause cancer. It is also known that omega-6 fatty acids are harmful to health when consumed in large quantities.