5 Myths about Beer’s Health Benefits


Some believe that beer is not so bad for your health and drink it almost every day. However, is it really so? Here are 5 myths about beer’s benefits:

1. Beer is a useful weak alcoholic drink

In fact, beer is no longer a weak alcoholic drink because alcohol content in beer has recently reached 14%. By the speed of alcoholism addiction, beer addiction develops 3-4 times quicker than addiction to vodka. And the content of harmful substances in beer – aldehydes, methanol, fusel oils – equals home-distilled vodka.

2. Beer alcoholism is an artificial problem

Actually, beer alcoholism is a serious psychological disease. It is characterized by the denial of the disease and a quick addiction. A crucial role here is played by the availability of the drink. Besides, you do not need a formal reason for drinking: you can drink alone or in company, at home or in the street, while you are sitting and on the move, etc. The taste of the beer, its sedative components and “weakness” of the drink, makes beer addiction harder to fight than vodka addiction.

3. Beer is good for digestion

Most people recollect that at first they did not like the taste of beer, but as it is considered a symbol of maturity, they had to force themselves. Hop indeed has some useful and healing properties, but his tars are carcinogens. WHO stated that the consumption of beer increases the risk of large intestine cancer. The cobalt contained in beer causes inflammatory processes in the esophagus and stomach.

4. Beer is good for fertility

Actually, beer contains toxic substances, including heavy metal salts that cause changes in the endocrine system. Thus, men who regularly consume beer produce less testosterone, and start producing female sex hormones, causing changes in the appearance. The men drinking beer have increased breasts, a wider pelvis and a beer belly. Women’s voice becomes rougher and they grow a beer moustache.

5. Beer eliminates acne

Young people who want to get rid of acne are recommended to take 1-2 teaspoons of brewer’s yeast during the meal. Before consuming, the yeast is poured with boiling water in order to deactivate it. Otherwise, brewer’s yeast will rid the body of B-vitamins and calcium. This recipe is more efficient than many tablets. Moreover, yeast is a natural substance, unlike many medications. However, we are talking about brewer’s yeast, not beer.

Take care of yourself and your health!