5 Natural Ways to Improve Female Libido

No matter how good we can be, the bed is the place where we all would like to fare better. That’s why it was a great piece of news in the summer of 2015 when FDA issued its approval of the then-fresh drug Addyi, designed to enhance female libido. For a while, it was looked upon as a great step towards better sexuality, yet so far there are no indications that it created such a mighty impact as it had been expected. So we are ever on the lookout for factors that can improve the sensual pleasures.

Go to Bed As Early As You Can

As emerges from a study from the University of Michigan, those young women who enjoy a long sleep show 14% higher possibility of getting engaged in a between-sheets activity with a partner on the following day. The best thing about it, the researchers say, that it works apart from any other beneficial influences on human energy. It is supposed to have to do with the bioactivity of testosterone and other sex hormones whose function depends on the length and quality of sleep.

Learn to Be Here and Now

There is another study based on a questionnaire about women’s sexual life, and it revealed that desire can jump an impressive 60% following 8 cognitive therapy sessions aiming at achieving mindfulness. Specialists from the Women’s Health Research Institute at the University of British Columbia were surprised at the result they turned up! They promise improvement because of mindfulness, the habit of staying within the given moment, is the art of paying quality attention to one’s body. It is great for reducing stress and brightening up mood which boosts desire. So these sessions could really be called sexually stimulating. They last two hours and a half and comprise mindfulness exercises that change after some 20 minutes.

In session women concentrate on their bodies and register the changing sensations, at home they are told to examine their sensations in all the parts of the body during masturbation. The coaches say that once you’ve grasped the ability to cling to what is going on at the moment and shut out distractions, you will be able to derive more pleasure from sex and sexual games.

There are Traditional Chinese Ways

Yet a third study reminds us of the acupuncture treatment, the traditional Chinese practice. Besides its other benefits, it is useful for premenopausal ladies whose desire has weakened. The study examined the results of ten 25-minute treatments two times a week – the impact on libido, again, proved to be higher than expected. Acupuncture is known to alleviate stress.

Consult Your Doctor on the Subject of Testosterone

This advice is for postmenopausal women, mostly. If your desire starts to run regretfully low, sex experts from Weill Cornell Medicine, White Plains, NY, recommend testosterone for a heightened sexual satisfaction. There were instances of women trying transdermal testosterone patches and receiving much better results than from using Addyi. It can mean at least one in-bed-encounter in a month more than you had before, and your sensations will be more pronounced. There are not sufficient medical data of testosterone as libido booster for it to be confirmed by FDA, but you can get a prescription.

Discuss Other Relevant Factors

If you are concerned, have a long discussion with your medico covering all relevant points, like pains during sex, oral contraceptives, the influence of dismal mood and other things that impair libido.