5 Ways to Lower Blood Pressure Naturally


High blood pressure is one of the most common ailments of our time. How can you lower blood pressure at home?

1. Acupuncture points stimulation

To lower blood pressure quickly, you need to stimulate acupuncture points. Find a point, which is located under the earlobe. Draw a line descending from this point to the middle of the clavicle (it will be an almost vertical line).

For blood pressure to return to normal or partially lower, do not press or push upon the line, just run your fingertips along it from top to bottom. Take it easy, just stroking with finger pads. Repeat the stroking 10 times on one side of the head, then go to the other side.

2. Stimulate ear points

At the edge of the earlobe, there is a point located at half a centimeter from the ear to the side of the nose. You need to massage this point for 1 minute. The degree of pressure on the point should be strong, but not causing pain.

3. Green tea

The properties of green tea are known to lower systolic and diastolic pressure. This property is based on the ability of green tea to prevent atherosclerosis. Healthy vessels ensure good blood permeability, prevent cholesterol formations, and hence provide normal pressure and a proper blood flow to the muscles and tissues. Beside green tea, hibiscus tea also lowers blood pressure.

4. Herbs

Take herbs: flaxseed, valerian, and motherwort. You can always find mixtures of berries and herbs normalizing blood pressure in pharmacies. Hawthorn and wild rose stimulate the heart muscle, as well as support the heart and lower blood pressure. Therefore, they are included in almost all cardiac herbal mixtures.

5. Change your nutrition

Switch from fatty and fried foods to vegetable dishes and fruits. Have your meat boiled or steamed. To make blood pressure normal, you need to eat, for example, 3-4 apples a day for 10-15 days. You can also eat about 10 arrow-wood berries in the morning.