6 No-Go Detergent Combinations You Should Never Mix


Not a single mistress can imagine cleaning her house without a detergent. These are indispensable assistants, which facilitate our life. However, they do not always cope with the task, and then there is a desire to mix several products to improve their effectiveness. This is something you should never do because you will get dangerous chemical compounds when mixing detergents.

1. Pipe cleaner + pipe cleaner

Under no circumstances, you can mix two different products for cleaning sewer pipes. You cannot even use them one after the other. These are powerful compounds that can sometimes even explode. If one of the products does not help and the blockage is still there, it is best to call a plumber.

2. Baking soda + vinegar

Many housewives advise to clean different surfaces with a mixture of vinegar and baking soda. Still, there is no sense in doing so. Soda is a lye, and vinegar is an acid, so mixing them results in water and sodium acetate. There is nothing that could clean serious stains. In addition, the mixture can explode when stored in a sealed container.

3. Hydrogen peroxide + vinegar

There is a method for cleaning a variety of surfaces, when they are first sprayed with hydrogen peroxide and then vinegar; between the two stages the surfaces are carefully wiped. The method is perfectly safe, if you do not mix the two ingredients in one container. Mixing vinegar and peroxide leads to the formation of peracetic acid, which irritates the skin, mucous membranes and the respiratory system.

4. Bleach + vinegar

It is not allowed to mix bleach and vinegar as it produces chlorine gas. Even in small amounts it causes coughing, breathing problems, and watery eyes.

5. Bleach + ammonia

Mixing bleach and ammonia results in producing toxic chloramine gas. It causes breathing problems and chest pain. Many of the products for window cleaning contain ammonia, so they cannot be mixed with bleach as well.

6. Bleach + alcohol

Everyone has heard about the chloroform. In films, you can often see kidnappers pressing a handkerchief soaked in it against the victim’s face. When mixing bleach and alcohol, one will not lose consciousness, but they will definitely feel worse. You just need to remember that bleach can be mixed with water only.