7 Tips for Foot Odor Treatment


Foot odor is not only a hygienic but also a psychological problem, as it causes a person strong emotional discomfort. However, following certain rules will help to avoid this problem.

Store your shoes properly

If you shove your shoes deep in the closet, where they can not be aired, it will only increase the problem of foot odor. In any case, do not store shoes in the same boxes as you bought them – the smell will not disappear.

Change shoes often

Even if you are used to your pair of shoes or paid a lot of money for it, you still have to change your shoes regularly. You may need only 3-4 pairs of shoes a year, but they should be changed constantly to avoid foot odor. It is also necessary to change shoes during the day – keep a spare pair at work and in the car. Then the feet will not sweat so hard.

Foot care

In the evening, after a busy day, relieve the tired feet using special hygienic baths. Add flavorings to help the feet relax and freshen up. Use feet balms and deodorants after the shower.

Wear socks

A fashion for shoes that do not require wearing socks has caused an epidemic of foot odor. Not all people’s feet smell good without socks, and if you are one of them, you need to wear socks. Especially with running shoes and other sports shoes.

Ventilated shoes

Buy “breathing” shoes if you go to the gym or jog in the fresh air – this will help avoid various discomforts.

Quality shoes

Do not wear synthetic shoes, otherwise you can not avoid feet sweating. Do not be afraid to pay more for quality shoes or natural leather – your feet will be thankful.

Try Botox

Botox injections are the most radical means of dealing with foot odor. This drug is used in anti-aging procedures, but it is also very effective against feet problems. Doctors recommend Botox only in extreme cases, because if we block feet sweat glands, the sweat will come out through other body parts.