8 Symptoms of Gluten Intolerance You May Be Disregarding

Gluten has become one of the important health issues under scrutiny lately. There was a sad period when intolerance to gluten was largely passed by with those who are burdened with the disability left to look for a stick to foods that are gluten-less. But we are fortunately past this stage, and gluten intolerance awareness is being discussed properly. Let’s make use of the information available and see if it can help you or your friends and family.

Stomachache of the worst type

Gluten-related problems begin with digesting – so the stomach is apt to send signals almost immediately. As soon as you partake of some gluten-laden food, you get a bad stomachache, and this is a cogent indication to consult a doctor.

Vertigo on solid ground

These unexpected and unaccounted-for bouts of dizziness which might end up in black-outs can be caused by gluten sensitivity. Sufferers from intolerance to the stuff often feel misbalanced, disoriented, unable to concentrate and display other cognitive malfunctions.

Vulnerability to mood swings

As the body tries to digest gluten and the stomach begins to falter, physical stress is becoming general, and it tells upon the soul as well. It’s natural that the state of health affects mood, and it swings to and fro unpredictably. Feeling blue, exasperated or nettled without a reason, sudden onset of anxiety – these are all symptoms of the body’s negative reaction to gluten. According to the New England Journal of Medicine, there are more than 50 diseases that develop or get aggravated because of sensitivity to gluten.

Recurring migraines

Once a modicum of gluten has been taken, those whose intolerance runs high can develop headaches. Migraine sets in half an hour (or a little later) after the meal.

Itching all over the body

While the body is doing its best (and fails) to dissolve the gluten that got in, the stress spreads all over it and triggers inflammation that results in itchy skin. In order to somehow deal with the gluten that arrived with today’s breakfast, the immune system generates special antibodies whose effect on the skin resembles psoriasis.

Fibromyalgia attacks on all fronts

Anyone around you has fibromyalgia? Then you know how much pain it involves. As Medicine Net reports, there are cases when a specific dietary treatment can bring relief to patients. It occurs when there is some subsidiary condition that reacts to the diet in a predictable manner. Then patients can subdue it, and following that, their general condition gets better and symptoms become less pronounced.

Unceasing fatigue

Constant feeling of tiredness is also linked with gluten susceptibility – and that is only natural. Every time gluten finds its way into your body, it begins to work much harder to process the excessive gluten protein and consumes more energy. With such energy loss, you can always feel limp and sleepy.

Lactose intolerance is akin to gluten intolerance

These conditions are alike in symptoms and in the way they make your body react to them. If you know that you have poor tolerance to lactose, get yourself checked to learn how your system reacts to gluten – you might be having problems with it as well.