9 Surprisingly Useful Things for Unforeseen Situations


No one is immune to trouble. Especially in a car. And it’s not just because the road is a dangerous place. Within a closed space of a car, you can encounter small unpleasant situations, which are still emergencies – from a bee that has flown inside to get warm to sharp headache in the middle of a long trip. For these cases, you should have a first aid kit at hand. And make sure that your glove box contains these 9 small items that can be of great benefit in unexpected situations.

9 items below are not medicines, but they can be of great help in different “painful” situations. Have at least part of this arsenal in the glove compartment or in your bag.

1. Chewing gum from heartburn

A chewing gum will be useful not only in case of an unexpected date. Long process of chewing increases saliva production, which reduces the acidity in the stomach and helps relieve heartburn. Besides, scientists from Wake Forest University have shown that a chewing gum also relieves the symptoms of gastroesophageal reflux disease. Just choose a sugarless one.

2. Plastic card from bee stings

As children, we were taught to extract the sting immediately when bitten by a bee, and only then we could cry a little. It is unlikely that you will find a pair of tweezers when you are on the road. Instead, try to pry and scrape off the sting with a plastic card edge.

3. Tampons from wounds and bleeding

Bleedings can be of different nature, but a tampon cope with any of them. Simply press it to the wound gently, for the blood to get soaked. This is a much more hygienic and reliable way than, for example, using paper towels, fragments of which will remain probably in the injured place.

4. Pencil as a headache remedy

Many of us regularly experience tension headache. The reason for that is constant stress and hard work in the deadline mode. That is the case when you have to act with your teeth clenched. Sounds familiar? Then your task is to relax the jaw as much as possible. To do this, hold a pencil between your teeth without biting it. It looks funny, but it works.

5. A balloon or condom from injuries

A condom is a common thing to have with you, which cannot be said about a balloon. And here we are wrong. Both things can be useful in case of injury. Just fill them with cold liquid, tie, and use as a compress to relieve pain.

6. Lip balm from scratches and cuts

If you do not have a patch at hand, but you have a lip balm (a typical situation for a women’s makeup bag), carefully apply it on the scratch. The wax will create a thin protective film, and the cut will be cured quickly.

7. Eye drops

Artificial tears will not only cope with eye dryness, but will also help eliminate small foreign objects, which is better than trying to take them out with your fingers.

8. Menthol toothpaste against burns

Burnt yourself? Flush the burn with cold water and apply a thin layer of menthol toothpaste on it. This will relieve irritation and create a cooling effect.

9. Warm sweater against serious injuries

A sweater or a warm cardigan will never be redundant in a car. At best, it can be draped over the shoulders in the unexpectedly cold night. At worst, it can save a life: cover the injured place and firmly press to stop the bleeding. We are certain that you won’t need this tip in real life, but keep it in mind.