Avoid Low Quality Cosmetic Dentistry

The number of people seeking the services of cosmetic dentistry is growing rapidly. But before you have veneers or dental braces, you should know the truth about this branch of medicine, which is usually hidden.

Along with the growth in demand for aesthetic dentistry, the offer is increasing as well. However, it is not always supported by an additional number of specialists graduating from medical colleges and universities. On the contrary, people with insufficient expertise often happen to become cosmetic dentists. If dermatologists, urologists, and even gynecologists, can work as plastic surgeons when attracted by more tangible earnings, it means that there will always be people ready to deal with other people’s smiles.

For example, the demand for cosmetic dentistry has increased by 50% in the UK over the past 5 years, and there is exactly the same increase in the number of mutilated and disfigured patients. They were hoping to get a white Hollywood smile and perfectly aligned teeth, but eventually they suffer from such defects that will take years to fix. And the money is absolutely different as well.

The experts advise to immediately ignore glamorous advertisements of various dental clinics and tempting prices and pay attention only to qualified dentists. The doctor’s record should include reputable medical centers and hospitals, as well as good education. Training courses would be perfect as well because dental technology is constantly developing.

A good dentist will insist on whitening and orthodontic work aimed at teeth reposition, which is more preferable than veneers that influence the tooth structure. In general, you need to ask the doctor about all the “pros” and “cons” of various treatments and be guided by your common sense and instincts.