How to Become an Early Riser


People who rise late find it incredibly difficult to get up early in the morning and go to work. But you can easily get rid of the eternal feeling of fatigue and sleepiness if you learn how to cheat your body.

All human beings are divided into “early risers” and “late risers” depending on what time of day is best for them to get up and go to sleep. However, our world is more suitable for the “larks”, and in most companies the working day starts at 8-10 am. As a result, heartened “owls” constantly feel sleepy, tired, and frustrated. It affects their productivity and influences their mood and health.

It turns out that our bodies can be fooled into believing they have already received the necessary amount of sleep and are filled with energy. This deception will allow both “larks” and “owls” get rid of fatigue and work as good as possible. The recommendations on how to do this are given by the author of The Sleep Book, Dr. Guy Meadows from Great Britain.

According to Dr. Meadows, bright lighting is the most powerful way to reset your biological clock. If you are an “owl” and you need to regularly get up early in the morning, immediately fill the room with a great amount of light. Sleep with the curtains open, and begin the morning with walking or jogging. You can have breakfast in the lamplight, with special lighting. It will help the body to secrete cortisol, the hormone of awakening.

The author would also recommend late risers to reduce their activity at the end of the day, to mute light and never brush their teeth in the well-lit bathroom before going to bed, if they really want to train themselves to go to bed early. On the other hand, if “larks” need to work late, they should do the opposite. In such cases they should make their evenings active and stimulating. For example, go to the gym at night and switch on the bright light.