Best & Worst Foods for Sex Drive


At the very beginning of a relationship, people in love do not require anything but a private place to realize their intimate desires. Over the years they have to be more inventive. Experts have compiled the list of foods that can increase libido or lower it even further.


These beautiful berries really increase libido. They provide good blood circulation, which is important for sexual relations in both men and women. Moreover, strawberries contain the increased levels of vitamin C which contributes to the number of sperm cells.


Although a bottle of wine and a candle are indispensable attributes of a romantic evening, alcohol is bad for sex. Excess alcohol reduces sexual desire and sensitivity of the body and sometimes encourages people to practice unsafe sex.


It is an excellent aphrodisiac, rich in vitamin E that is good for blood circulation and increases libido. Avocados are good for the heart, and men with heart diseases suffer from erectile dysfunction twice as often.


Meat contains a lot of zinc and protein, but it is also high in saturated fat and cholesterol that clogs arteries. This is bad for the libido. Finally, the researchers have found that regular consumption of meat makes the body smell a little less enjoyable.


Potatoes are saturated with potassium, which struggles with high blood pressure. Hypertensive patients face a higher risk of erectile dysfunction. Potatoes increase sexual lust.

Fatty foods

Fried foods and fast food products contain a lot of “bad” fats that interfere with blood circulation.