Beverages Boosting Metabolism


In case when metabolism is disrupted or slowed down, liver processes fats in a very sluggish way that allows them to be deposited in different locations in the body. But some drinks help “boost” metabolism and make the body process fat more intensively.

First of all, nutritionists recommend drinking more water half an hour before meals and after meals. This habit prevents overeating and also helps maintain the water balance, which is necessary for the active work of the body. The more active the body is engaged in the production of energy, the more significantly it burns fat.

Due to the reason, closely related to the previous statement, it is very useful for a person with a slim figure to drink cold (ice) water or cold green tea. Such beverages require additional effort on the part of the organism to restore body temperature – in such a way extra calories are burned.

However, fresh green tea is also efficient. If you drink it every day, the extra inches in the waist will be removed faster.

In addition, the use of such a drink as Oolong makes a strong impetus to metabolism. According to the specialist, polyphenols, which are contained in it, are blocking the enzymes that contribute to the accumulation of adipose tissue.

Besides, the polyphenols of the matcha tea also have a strong effect on the processing of fat in the body. Their thermogenic effect is explained by the production technology of this type of tea. It is a powder, and the body immediately gets a large number of bioactive components after brewing and drinking it. To speed up metabolism, it is enough to drink two to three cups of matcha tea a day.

Unrefined apple vinegar also boosts metabolism. It is necessary to use a ratio of one tablespoon diluted in a glass of water. This drink, inter alia, protects the body from the sharp rise in blood sugar, but also enhances the production of gastric juice needed for digestion.

Another drink that speeds up metabolism is sage leaf tea. Drink a cup of this tea for breakfast in the morning, and the body will be tuned to remove sugar and better absorb nutrients.

At the same time, the expert emphasizes that the use of such beverages gives the best effect in combination with the correct diet and physical activity.


  1. I concur, Mo! Eating small, more freqneut meals really can make a world of difference. Certainly, we can fail in this quest, especially with the pace of life today, but I strive to do the same. If we eat more freqneutly, the body seems to function at a more optimal level, thereby maintain weight and body fat control!