How to Get Rid of Breath Odor

Each of us has faced with bad breath, whether it is another person’s mouth or your own. Doctors have revealed the appropriate ways to eliminate breath odor.

What Causes Breath Odor?

One of the most common (and most innocent) causes of bad breath is the active growth of bacteria in the oral cavity. If the odor is associated with this, plain rinsing of the mouth with water will help. Not just rinsing, but drinking as well. When you drink water, your body produces more saliva, and it neutralizes odor-causing bacteria.

Vegetables against Breath Odor

In general, the use of special products that stimulate the production of saliva is one of the main methods of removing breath odor from the mouth. What are these products? For example, some fibrous vegetables, such as celery or cucumbers. Try to keep a piece of cucumber or celery in your mouth for a few minutes, and you will notice that the breath odor will decrease or even disappear (unless, of course, it is caused by problems with the teeth or the gastrointestinal tract).

Green Tea Reduces Breath Odor

In addition, it was found back in 2007 that the odorous sulfur compounds in the mouth can be effectively eliminated with the help of the polyphenols in green tea. However, you should add neither milk nor sugar to this medicinal tea.

Chewing Gums & Mouth Sprays

Finally, there is a wide range of specially manufactured hygiene products – the so-called breath fresheners, or mouth sprays. Chewing gums (note that all of them are sugar-free), mouthwash products and all kinds of sprays can be mentioned here. You will not have great difficulty in deciding what is more convenient for you.