Expensive Painkillers Useless


Numerous expensive painkillers promising to work fast that are sold in pharmacies without a prescription are nothing more than a waste of money. Experts explain how to get the maximum benefit from analgesics with a minimum of side effects.

To begin with, there is no need to buy expensive painkillers (unless you are attracted to their beautiful packaging). The usual cheap paracetamol and ibuprofen act just like the 100 times more expensive drugs. Some pills may work a little faster, but the changes in the level of absorption by the body are negligible. A standard painkiller starts acting in about 20-30 minutes after ingestion, even if these are the “mega-fast” and “mega-powerful” versions. Note that the capsules typically operate faster than conventional tablets.

Do not buy any special painkillers to relieve the symptoms of certain diseases. For example, migraine or menstruation pain. A common cheap analgesic will give you exactly the same result.

Many pills contain caffeine, which enhances the analgesic effect by 40%, as shown by the study. If the drug does not help, you can drink a cup of coffee, black or green tea, without taking extra doses. By the way, you should not take pain killers on an empty stomach, even if you have a pain attack at night. These pills can harm the stomach, so try to eat something. Only paracetamol can be taken at any time without fear, as it does not harm the lining of the stomach.

Many pain medications should be taken at a certain time, so that they can be effective. This is especially important for the relief of menstruation pain, which occur when enzymes in the uterus begin to produce prostaglandins. They constrict blood vessels, which prevents blood loss, but it also increases muscle spasms, and causes pain. In this case, painkillers should be taken at the start of prostaglandins production, which is about one day before the menstruation.