Foods Preventing Stroke


The American Academy of Neurology established that fresh fruits are able to prevent stroke. Doctors have found a common property in them.

Researchers from the University Hospital Pontchaillou in Rennes revealed that the fruits containing vitamin C can prevent the development of hemorrhagic stroke – the most dangerous one, which causes cerebral vessels rupture with subsequent bleeding. This stroke is less common than ischemic one, but more often leads to death.

65 people who had suffered hemorrhagic stroke took part in the study. The volunteers were tested for vitamin C level in the blood. In 45% of cases, it was reduced, and 14% of participants showed serious deficiency of this vitamin. Comparing these data with the control group, physicians have found that people who had suffered stroke were more likely to have low levels of vitamin C, while healthy volunteers showed normal levels.

Experts have concluded that the lack of vitamin C is closely related to the probability of hemorrhagic stroke. The results showed that a lack of vitamin C should be considered a risk factor for the development of this serious condition. Among other known risk factors are high blood pressure, alcohol consumption, and overweight, according to the author of the research.

According to experts, further research is needed to help understand exactly how vitamin C affects the mechanisms of brain damage. They believe that the main merit of the vitamin is being involved in blood pressure regulation.

Vitamin C is found in many fruits and vegetables, mostly in oranges, papayas, peppers, broccoli, strawberries, etc. French doctors strongly advise to include these foods into your diet to avoid the deadly disease.