Heart Disease Prevention in Women: When to Start?

Risk factors for cardiovascular disease can begin to take shape as early as adolescence.

This is stated in the recommendations of the American Heart Association. However, as shown by a survey carried out by the Orlando Health medical insurance company, most women believe it is necessary to start to regularly monitor heart health at the age of 30 or even 40 years. The survey involved more than a thousand Americans.

According to cardiologist Carolina Demori, women can begin to develop atherosclerosis in their adolescence and at the age of 20. It is, therefore, important to understand the situation and change the way of life accordingly the sooner the better. Regular screening should include the assessment of body mass index and measuring waist, blood pressure rates, cholesterol levels and blood glucose levels. All these data are directly related to heart health, so controlling them can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

It is especially important to know that the symptoms of heart disease in men and women can be manifested in different ways. For example, during a heart attack, males tend to suffer pain in the left part of the chest, which may be felt in the left hand. Women, in addition to these symptoms, may also feel fatigue, weakness, complain of breath shortness and indigestion.

Except regular visits to the doctor, women need to have healthy eating habits and do exercise. Doctor Demori says one can start with walking for half an hour a day at least five times a week. She explains that the more exercise the heart gets, the better.

Women are often too busy taking care of others, so they forget about their health. Demori concludes that it is very important to take care of yourself to be able to stay longer with your loved ones.