Home Remedies for Headache

A headache can overtake you at any time – while on vacation at the seaside, at the height of the working day, at home, in the office or in a countryside cottage. Its attack is always sudden and without the declaration of war. Anyway, it is always very unpleasant. What will you do if there is no effective medicine at hand? You can try to cope with the attack using simple methods. Hopefully, they will help.

Has a headache taken you by surprise? Calm down and try one of the following methods or a combination of the remedies described below. So, what should you start with?

1. Breathe deeply

The simplest thing you can do during a headache attack is to normalize the respiratory rhythm. Breathing should be deep: slowly inhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth. After a minute or two, you are most likely to feel relief. The secret is simple: trivial oxygen starvation can be one of the causes of a sudden headache. By forcing yourself to breathe deeper, you will saturate the blood with oxygen, and the unpleasant symptom will recede.

2. Go for a walk

The reason to do this is the same. Fresh air and movement will saturate your body with the necessary oxygen. Alas, you will not always allow yourself the pleasure of strolling in the middle of the working day or while studying. So do not forget about breathing deeply.

3. Drink a whole glass of cool water

A headache may be caused not only by the lack of oxygen but also dehydration. Even if you do not know about it. So a glass of plain water can bring tangible relief. By the way, fans of strong coffee are especially prone to this type of a headache: an invigorating drink contributes to rapid washout of liquid from the body. Do you need to cheer up in the workplace? Replace coffee with green tea or even plain water. Surprisingly, you may not even feel the difference.

4. Eat an apple

Despite its obvious simplicity, this is an effective way to combat pain. That is because fruit acids will help reach the acid-base balance in the body, thereby relieving pain. Mind that the apple should be eaten without peeling it. In addition, as an instant remedy, you can take two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar, mixing them with a glass of cool water. However, do not follow this advice if you have stomach problems.

5. Consume more protein

Protein foods help stabilize blood sugar levels. Lack of protein and sharp fluctuations in any direction are a direct precondition for a migraine. Eat foods rich in protein in small portions every 2-3 hours to make nutrition your proper treatment. Such a simple method can alleviate even the symptoms of a severe migraine.

6. Cold compress

It can be applied to the neck, shoulders or directly to the area where the pain is located. It seems that our great-great-grandmothers knew about this method. Some people who are prone to headaches say they feel relieved by putting an ice cube on their tongue. Isn’t it the reason to go out and buy yourself a portion of “frozen juice”?

7. Ginger tea

The drink is surprisingly effective in the case of a migraine, especially if the latter is accompanied by nausea. Ginger tea helps to fight with this symptom. This must be a good reason to always keep a couple of sachets or a whole ginger root at home.

8. Save enough time for rest

Ideally, try to turn off all the light in the room, draw the curtains and sleep. If the sleep does not come, lie down and get distracted from the pain by watching TV with the sound muted. What you should not do is read or peer into the small screen of your smartphone. The tension of the optic nerves can increase the headache.