How to Protect Yourself from EMF Radiation

In the past, our homes were not as dependent on electricity as today. Despite its advantages, the use of electricity has its share of challenges. Today, there are lots of electrical appliances in our homes. In fact, our lives are dependent on appliances, such as microwaves, phones, computers, fridges and cookers. However, research shows that these electrical appliances produce electromagnetic fields that are harmful to human bodies.

Although the effects may be slow to detect, they can turn out to be severe. Unprotected use of these EMF-producing products can lead to severe health challenges. Some of the symptoms are dizziness, feeling faint, chest pain, weakness, racing heart and fatigue. Among the most common and reported health issues of EMF radiation are severe headache and cancer. Studies show that most cancer-related diseases may be traced to EMF radiation.

Can EMF radiation be avoided?

Electrical appliances are no longer a luxury but a necessity. With the modern way of life, we cannot live without appliances such as cell phones, microwave ovens, computers and refrigerators in our home. With this fact in mind, it was a necessity to find a solution to make any radiation bearable and less-harmful to our lives. Here are some of the different ways of neutralising EMF radiation.

Natural and simple ways to avoid EMF radiation

Clearly, we are currently exposed to EMF radiation more than before. Wherever you go, the office, home, mall; your body is exposed to one or more forms of EMF radiation. However, there are simple lifestyle tips you can adapt to lower the exposure. First, avoid placing your laptop on your lap while connected to electricity. During this time, there is a lot of EMF radiation produced. The other tip is to avoid talking on the phone while it’s charging. Cell phone radiation is highly emitted when a call connects. You can avoid these radiation emissions by avoiding direct contact with the cell phone speakers.

Use of radiation protection products

There are products manufactured to neutralise or block EMF radiation. These EMF protection products are readily available. They include protection jewellery, pendants, diodes and cell phone chips. These products are usually attached to specific radiation emitting products. A cell phone chip, for instance, is attached to the phone speaker to neutralise or block radiation from your body.

There is a lot of misinformation about radiation protection products. While it’s true that these products are effective, there are some illegitimate manufacturers producing fake protection products. When shopping for the best EMF radiation protection products, make sure that it is legitimate and effective. You can read reviews and test the products to determine its ability to protect you from radiation emissions.