Jogging Barefoot Healthier Than in Shoes

Time spent searching for trainers is wasted – it is more useful to run barefoot, as the studies at the University of Glasgow (United Kingdom) show.

The scientists found out that those who run barefoot step on toes or on the middle of the foot. Those who run in trainers step on the heel. The first method is less traumatic. According to the tests, those who jog barefoot are almost half as likely to injure their knees and ankles. It was calculated that every mile a runner in the shoes sharply hits the ground about 1,000 times. Those who run barefoot have other running technique, with more soft and smooth moves. It is especially important in long-distance running. This explains the outstanding results of barefoot athletes. 50 years ago, Abebe Bikila of Ethiopia, who ran barefoot, won the Olympic marathon. Scientists explain that in the course of the evolution, the arch of the foot has become stronger and perfectly copes with the role of springs. Throughout most of the human history – until when the first trainers appeared in the 70s of the previous century – people ran either barefoot or in sandals and moccasins.

However, experts warn those who want to give up trainers and start running barefoot: this technique uses other muscle groups than the traditional running. If you decided to try, go at it slowly, gradually accustoming to the new load.