Llama Therapy

It has long been proven that close contacts with pets are very useful in treating various diseases. Due to providing a therapeutic effect, communication with dogs, cats, horses and dolphins is used in treating a variety of disorders – from cerebral palsy and autism to serious mental disorders in adults.

Meanwhile, in the US state of Washington, spouses Niki and Jeff Kuklenski, who own a farm for the breeding of llamas, regularly take their pets to hospitals and nursing homes.

Two therapist llamas, called Marisco and N.H. are frequent guests of clinics and nursing homes.

South American llamas are close relatives of camels, but they are much cuter and more sociable than the “ships of the desert”.

When in a hospital or a nursing home for old men, llamas pass through the corridors and into the rooms, which gives everyone an opportunity to communicate with the animals even if the people stay in bed or are confined to a wheelchair.

These sessions are coordinated by the American organization of llama therapy, Pet Therapy International. Today, its list includes more than 10,000 pets that are regularly used for zootherapy. However, a total of only 14 llamas are listed among these furry physicians throughout the United States.