How to Make Early Wake-ups Easier?

The media gives numerous tips to the people who just cannot wake up in the morning. You cannot tear yourself away from the pillow in the morning? Then these tips are for you! So, how can you wake up easily in the morning?

Easy Wake-up Rules

The first thing you need to wake up and get up easily in the morning is proper sleep preparation.

The rules of sleep preparation:

  • Do not drink alcohol, tea, coffee, or overeat before going to bed.
  • Do not sit up in front of the TV or the computer.
  • For half an hour before bedtime take a hot bath, listen to relaxing music or read.
  • Stick to a regimen of 6-8 hours’ sleep. Some people strictly follow the rule of three eights: 8 hours for sleep, 8 – for work, 8 – for rest. This rule is not mandatory, because a person feels how much time he or she needs to sleep.

Learn How to Rejoice at the New Day

  • To do this, get up early from time to time – before sunrise; go to the balcony with a cup of tea or coffee and enjoy the sunrise.
  • Make your awakening associate with something pleasant: you can put a glass of juice on the bedside table or place a few slices of orange there.
  • Set pleasant music on your alarm clock instead of standard sounds causing nothing but irritation.
  • At the sound of the alarm clock, wake up and start acting without a moment’s delay. Experts recommend a light workout: while you are still in bed, stretch and massage your earlobes and fingers, from the balls to the base.
  • Sit down on the bed and do the exercises: tilt your head to the right and the left shoulder, make a series of rotational movements in the elbows, and repeatedly rotate the torso.
  • Then take a shower. The water should not be too cold, as sharp temperature fluctuations in the morning cause stress.
  • Choose a shower gel that smells good – a pleasant aroma also helps to wake up.
  • And be sure to smile at yourself in the mirror, it promotes the synthesis of serotonin – the hormone of joy – in the body.