Natural Teeth Whitening Remedies


A famous dentist recommends eating dark chocolate, cheese, and strawberries to anyone who wants to have a snow-white Hollywood smile. According to the doctor, these foods contribute to teeth whitening.

Why Eating Chocolate?

According to Dr. Harold Katz, dark chocolate is ideal for creating a Hollywood smile, because it contains theobromine – an alkaloid, which strengthens tooth enamel. Strong tooth enamel lowers the risk of tooth decay, as well as loss of whiteness. Unfortunately, milk chocolate, which most people prefer, fails to preserve teeth whiteness and even causes bad breath, because it contains sugar and milk.

Green Tea Makes Teeth Whiter

Green tea contains tannins that prevent stains on white teeth. Tannins do not let bacteria “stick” to the teeth. This drink also contains polyphenols, which helps lower acidity in the mouth and eliminate bacteria. Finally, green tea intake gives rise to the level of fluorine that protects the enamel from erosion.

Strawberry Remedy

As to the strawberry, it contains malic acid – the enzyme actively cleaning the teeth of specks. You can mix grated strawberries with salt and get a great natural product for teeth whitening. Other berries have no similar effect. Moreover, some berries even harm teeth.

Cheese & Teeth Color

Finally, cheese is able to raise the pH-level in the oral cavity, making it less acidic. Consequently, the risk of tooth discoloration and enamel erosion is reduced. Cheese also contains calcium for stronger and healthier teeth.