Oatmeal Better Than Probiotics


Oatmeal helps the stomach to maintain normal microflora balance.

The healthy bacteria within our body are absolutely necessary to maintain the normal functioning of the immune system. When we lack these bacteria, doctors recommend us to consume yogurt and beverages containing probiotics. But the English physician Dr Christopher van Tulleken decided to replace the probiotics by fiber contained in oats. After 6 weeks of the experiment, during which he ate a huge amount of oatmeal, Dr. van Tulleken passed control examination of the intestinal microflora. And the results were stunning.

Dr. van Tulleken explains that as a doctor, he certainly knows how beneficial fiber food for health is, including oats and green leafy vegetables. It seemed to him that these fibers work like a sponge, cleaning the body of toxins. Although it is partly true, healthy bacteria in the intestines do the entire bulk of the anti-toxin work. During the experiment, he did not eat oatmeal for the first 2 weeks, and then he ate lots of it during the following 6 weeks. He sent his analyses to Karen Scott at the Rowett Institute in Aberdeen, whose staff conducted a genetic analysis of the samples every week. Not only the number of healthy bacteria grew, but this diet also improved the entire digestive system, like a rain in the drought-troubled land.

In short, this experiment proves again: eat more oatmeal!