Plastic Bags Can Be Harmful to Your Health


Lots of us re-use the plastic bags that we buy at the checkout in the supermarket. And although this is a very economical and environmentally friendly option, health care professionals believe that the re-use of some packages may seriously undermine health.

Microbiologists from the University of Glasgow found that some packages can only be used once. According to the scientists, packages for meat or vegetables should be used only once – no matter how careful they are packed. Doctors believe that a violation of this rule significantly increases the risk of serious food poisoning.

The evidence of it is the result of the experiment, during which experts checked nine types of plastic and cloth bags from several supermarkets in Scotland. Four of them had such a high level of harmful microbes (primarily Escherichia coli sol) that the packages were referred to as highly dangerous.

The findings of the Scottish microbiologists were supported by their American colleagues. Experts from the United States reported that when San Francisco banned the issue of free packages in stores, the number of bacterial infections and deaths from food poisoning immediately increased (25% and 46% respectively). Think about it when you want to reuse the package brought from the store.