Reasons to Eat Meat


Red meat, which has recently been criticized by nutritionists, is actually more useful than many people think. According to the Independent, the idea of treating ​​meat as a potential threat to health is wrong.

More than a half of the UK population believes meat is dangerous to health. In addition, most of the inhabitants of the British Isles say red meat is fatter than chicken meat, though in reality the opposite is true.

As a result of the survey conducted in the country, more than a half of its population considers meat harmful to human health. About 60% of the respondents stated that red meat is too fat (more than 20% of fat), and two-thirds of the respondents said that chicken meat is less fat than beef steak or lamb.

However, experts say this opinion is wrong. In reality, the fat content of red meat does not exceed 10%, and such meat is not fatter than chicken meat.

A specialist from the Foundation for Cancer Research, Rachel Thompson, advised against excluding red meat from the diet because it contains a lot of nutrients.

The expert underlined the importance of understanding that the risk of malignant tumor increases not because of red meat itself, but because of the frequency of its use and its fat content.

According to Thompson, there is nothing wrong in the fact of eating dishes with red meat several times a week. This expert points out that we are talking about cooked dishes rather than half-prepared products. Ready-to-eat products of factory production containing processed meat actually increase the risk of potential health complications.