Simple Home Remedies for Runny Nose


The season of colds begins, and therefore we are publishing simple remedies for runny nose suitable for both adults and children.

Tea tree oil

When your nose gets runny, mix tea tree oil 1:1 with castor oil and lubricate the inside of the nose with a cotton swab.

Dry garlic stalk

Set a dry garlic stalk on fire, extinguish it, and while it smolders, breathe in this smoke (there will be no smell of garlic). First, breathe with one nostril, pressing the other, then vice versa. Repeat a few times. You will not recover immediately, but you will get rid of nasal congestion.


At bedtime, crush some garlic, roll it up in gauze, then apply to the nose (lubricate the skin around the nose) and breath in the garlic. If you have abundant nasal discharges, wash the nose with diluted garlic juice 1:10 – drip about 10 drops in each nostril.


When your nose gets runny, draw dots of iodine on the wings of the nose before going to bed. A runny nose will be cured overnight.

Propolis tincture (10%), camphor, and unrefined sunflower oil

Pour 1 tsp. into a vial of dark glass. Store in a dark place. Shake before use. Drip 3-5 drops into each nostril 3 times a day during a week. This remedy is effective against ordinary or chronic rhinitis.